Writing Challenge For The Next Time You Pray..?

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Why not write it down?
No one prays like this:
"Dear Lord, hear my prayer
every layer
It it be cold today
send me your love
i'm sure it will fit like a glove
i wait upon Thee
to heal my prostate gland
that i once again may pee"

Sound ridiculous?

When you become a "slave" to the next rhyme, it sounds that ridiculous.
Don't be shackled to one "FORM"
That is akin to ritual, tradition, dare i say..."religion?" 
"Simon says" Stand, sit, kneel, come to the confessional and be absolved of sin by a Priest (man)?

Who could quite possibly be the next target of a pedophilia indictment? 
Sex with children was a-typical of Roman culture, so is it any wonder why certain traditions live on?  

Try just having a conversation with HIM,
then write the gist of it or as much as you can recall.
Try it...
Stretch...out from that old comfort zone, grow beyond that Dr.Seuss orientation from childhood.
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