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There is a piece of my heart somewhere in this

A peace I may share freely and not miss

There was a stroke

Which stole my voice for a time

Terrified and unable to speak

Much less rhyme

Yet something within

Awakened in me

And spoke

There was a shaking that crept

Into my bed ere’ I slept

A chill from head to toe

That assailed suddenly

Passed through…

From wence it came

Where it went

To this day

I do not know

There is a wonder to be found

Even while dumb-found

The delectable anticipation in a moment of clarity sublime

So well worth the confusion…

Upon which I have learned to rely

Counted upon, taken into account

So very profound

Who knew there could really be,

eyes in steel?

Strength in frailty?

Broken and broken,

Together finding glue?

Forming bonds…

Learning of disciplines in Love

All in adherence to You

And though this life may break us all

Again and again…

Bones once broken knit stronger

When we mend

Pieces of hearts seeking

Some still searching

Some finding

Strands of Your Love


In all of this mess we are all in together

We still seek after miracles

Search for signs

Can easily overlook

Being held steady

As trembling hand impossibly thread needles

By a hand that reveals

There is a piece of my heart somewhere in this patchwork of Yours

Seamless and beautiful.

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