I"m glad to see the site is up and running again

blaverblaver Posts: 1Member

I'm Bob. I've been a pastor for almost 40 years and 16 years at our current church in Oregon. I write humor essays and am working to put them together in a book form. I also write poetry. Most of my poems are in honor of people I am doing funerals for. I just did one for a gentleman in our church who was homeless, and had mental illness. I look forward to getting more acquainted with other writers, sharing some of my work and reading there's, and sharpening my craft to be used to God's glory.


  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 51Administrator

    Awesome, blaver! Thanks for rejoining the new and improved CCW. I hope it helps to build you and your writing skills up.

  • hey lora

    voice from your past.
    you may remember by my sn, write in the head

    you may not.e in which case, we shall have to reconnect.

    appreciate you lady, this came at just the right time, like christ's death for the ungodly.

  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 51Administrator
    I remember you, WriteInTheHead! Hope you've been doing well. I'm so glad to see you found your way here. :smiley:
  • Walker855Walker855 Posts: 21Member
    Must be logged on
    Hi Bob, im a poet and an author myself, looking forward to reading your work
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