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Saved To What

It is fitting that I (A W Tozer) close this chapter with a word of testimony. I trust it will be helpful.

I came to Christ and was converted when I was 17. My testimony was just as dull as it is possible for a testimony to be. I had never been in jail. I did not use tobacco in any form. I did not know anything about the use of drugs. I had never taken to any kind of strong drink. I had never deserted my wife—I had never been married!

If you have seen me in later life, you might not believe it, but I was a healthy, red-cheeked young man at the time the Lord found me. There were some who considered me good looking. We had neighbours who said, "Aiden is a fine boy!" If I had had to get up and tell people what I was saved from, in the eyes of the curious world my testimony would not have been worth two lines of type.

But I was a sinner in the sight of God and I have found Him faithful. What I was saved to is much more important than what I was saved from. I have had a lifetime of telling and retelling everyone around me of the goodness, kindness, mercy and grace of God. He has saved me to the uttermost. He guarantees an eternity of fellowship and rejoicing with our Lord Jesus Christ and the redeemed family of God.

If you are doubtful or hesitant, I can only say: Do not make the mistake of trying to match your time on earth against the eternity that is your endless future. No matter who you are, all of your past is time; your future is eternity.

On Christ the solid rock you stand. All other ground is sinking sand.

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2


  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 51Administrator
    I'm so glad you made that decision so long ago. Question: Can you remember what sparked inside of your heart and mind to cause to make that decision for Christ?
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    This was a testimony of Tozer. In my own case it was largely conviction over my resentment of wife Hilary's turn to Jesus. So much changed for her. I was nervous. Envious? This was my beloved ...but now she was causing me to see red frequently. Remember Jesus' description of holy conviction in John 16? Bingo.
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    Hmmm! Sounds familiar. I'm thinking that was my husband's point of view of me at one time.  :pensive: =) Now I'd like to hear more!
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    ah...very good...hadnt heard that about tozer!

    glad things got straightened out for YOU, brother!  although off hand i have to think i would never have encouraged you to marry a woman named hillary!
    TELL her that, then give her the BIGGEST kiss of the day!
    grace and peace...

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