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He Identifies with Us

A man grew triumphantly in favour with God and men. A man developed the greatest ethic of mercy and harmony known to this planet. A man faced the wide spectrum of temptation and chose not to sin. A man won the battle of will-struggle in Gethsemane. A man, shedding his blood willingly in the worst form of punishment, corrected the wrong done by the first man. A man came back from death, never again to die. A glorified man sits at the right hand of God the Father, vividly understanding our mortal condition, ever serving as our compassionate and great High Priest. And this Man once left Glory and Godhood for us to enter into the birth chamber of little Mary of Nazareth! Jesus. None of this diminishes God the Son. It simply makes Him more our Captain, Care-giver and Hero.

In Hebrews chapter 6 he is called our "forerunner". I like that.

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