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If you've registered to CCW in the past, please reregister and join the community. We're glad to have you back!

History: CCW is still under the same ownership. So what's the difference now and what happened you ask?

CCW was provided to the owner (i.e., Lora Connor) through a third party who provided the URL and software at cost. In other words, the URL and forum software were rented. Unfortunately, it seems the third party owners decided they did not want to be associated with CCW any longer and sold the URL without warning.

Praise God, the owner was able to win back the URL through auction! New software is being used, giving the site a whole new look and feel. The great news is, the site is no longer under the umbrella of a third party and cannot be sold out from under us!

Thankfully, it seems the third party from the previous site still holds all content posted to CCW under another URL. If you posted to the former site and wish to recover your work, it can be found here OLD CCW Website


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