Skin Deep

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Poem#51 Skin Deep

Until we pour the Water from His well will only see

The colored Clay God used to form us and not what

God used to form the inside to soften our hearts

Don’t have to be color blind to See beneath the surface

Just have to allow God to get underneath the skin of clay

That we’re all made of from all over His Creation

Until we’ve gotten the understanding He’s the Potter

And we’re the Clay used to Build His Home inside us

The Color of the Church doesn’t matter, if He’s in us

Everything God breathed to life should be seen as beautiful

If not seeing Love the way He intended then the roof is leaking

The hole from our heart needs redemption of Jesus to be fixed

Until we seen the color issue is beneath skin deep

And the real issue is from the broken church beneath

Will only be scrapping ourselves back to dust we came

Pour your water on us Lord form your clay as you see fit

Fix the hole inside our heart that’s causing us to harden

Help us to look past skin deep into your Window of home


  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 61Administrator
    I pray the Church has a great awakening! I think it is beginning to happen though! So many churches are full of sleeping Christians. Time for the Church to wake up and let the Spirit in!
  • stmannstmann Posts: 58Member
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    AMEN, walks!!  keep up that good work!

    and Lora you too!!

    grace and peace....
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