My autobiography book I wrote about my life, my secrets

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For 24 years I lived Undiagnosed of Lyme, lived 12 years type 2 diabetes. I share my stories in my new book of how I over came Lyme and how I Reversed Diabetes A Restored Life: My Journey To Healing


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    hey...thanks for the link!
    umm - have an executive summary, or a couple of your best lines??

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    ps - GLAD you are remembering all of this stuff....and passing along the glory to your loving heavenly Father!!
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    My life with undiagnosed Lyme disease short version 

    I've been born again through Jesus Christ since 5 years old grew up in church and God fearing Parents that loves the same Christian music as me. But my trying times came after getting my high school diploma home schooled. Because of my physical issues that at the time no one understood. I was lost not having a purpose of what I was to do with my life, unable to work, unable to drive. The only thing that was working for me was my faith in Jesus Christ as I climbed up with His help from my lowest point that I felt was bottom.

    I've been dealing with what I now know to be Lyme disease parasites since I was 14 years old. Don't remember of getting bitten by a tick, but Started with pain in my feet. I was told I was born with tight joints and ligaments so maybe that's help slow the parasites down, but either way other symptoms slowly came, maybe even up to a year or two was 16 when my lower legs started tightening on me like muscle contractions, felt like my legs were in a vise grip being turned with each step. My calves would get so tight felt more like logs then legs.  My shoulders started hurting when I was 18 but thought I hurt them playing volleyball or something. But every time I threw something would get sharp pain up to 9 on the pain scale in my shoulder. Other joint pain followed elbows, knees. Wasn't until I got medical assistance at 22 was I able to see doctors about it, and of course when I was 14 through 16 I didn't understand enough to know how to describe what I was going through, was always told to tough it out. Since nobody believed me kept things to myself. But got tested for muscular dystrophy diseases, MRI's X-rays of my feet. But by this time the weight I had been gaining all this time was nearing obesity. My only diagnosis has been my weight. 

    I've been learning to adjust for the past 24 years reason you see me in shorts all the time is because I learned how to slow the tightening down, learned if I had certain materials touching my legs, plus the more my legs warmed quicker the contractions. I also learned to avoid certain surfaces to walk on. Took 5 minute showers, because it took 5 minutes for my legs to start tightening, btw loss of balance came the more my legs tightened. 

    Wasn't until this July when things started working out for me to travel with my Aunt and Uncle for my other Uncle's wedding in Sunsetbeach, NC. But stayed over night at my Cousin's who happens to be a biologist. MY Great cousin has always suspected Lyme disease, but the tests my doctors gave me always came back negative so they said. Well my Cousin tested my blood, we looked at it under her microscope finding the Babesia parasites. 

    To be honest part of me got angry for the mis diagnoses all these years until I think about all the poems The Spirit had me written since 2002 enough poems to fill 5 books. Would I have been humbled enough without dealing with these parasites which slowed me down enough to get closer to the Lord? Though I don't wish my struggles on anyone, but I'm thankful for the way God has been using me to help make a difference building His kingdom and helping others get closer to God. It's all I've wanted to do even when physically unable to do for long. God has aloud me to serve Him through Sonnet Poetry despite all the symptoms fighting me including brain fog. I give Jesus Christ all the glory and pray I'm forever humbled.

    I share my short version story to help others know, whatever you go through God will use in reaching others for Him if you humbly let Him.

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    You are right, God can use anyone no matter what their infirmities might be. I am glad you found out what caused your problem, and be a witness for others facing the same infliction. 

    God Bless,
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    Must be logged on
    Its why I wrote my story 
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