Hello everyone new here.

SouthernLadySouthernLady Posts: 12Member

I am new here, and eager to get to know fellow Christian writers. To introduce myself, I am a retired civilian employee a law enforcement agency in Florida where I live. Graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Biblical Studies and Theology in May of last year. One can never be too old to go after their dream of a degree, as some of my fellow classmates were ten to twenty years older than myself.

My husband of nearly 33 years and I are active in a very small church, the oldest member is 94 the youngest is 57. I hope to find lively discussions to learn what I can about writing.

Looking forward to many discussions.



  • Walker855Walker855 Posts: 41Member
    Welcome and nice to meet you
  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 61Administrator
    That's awesome! I went to college late too. Waited until the kiddos got older. I look forward to seeing some of your writing. Welcome  =)
  • dbutlerdiditdbutlerdidit Posts: 3Member
    Hi Southern Lady, and welcome. You aren't as far south as I am (Down Under) but don't hold that against me :)
  • SouthernLadySouthernLady Posts: 12Member
    Yup Down Under would be getting very southern. 
  • stmannstmann Posts: 57Member
    hey gyrl!  liberty...been there myself once or twice!  what are your interests in writing?  hope you have some stuff to share?
    and how does our loving heavenly Father use you these days?  and - any idea where He is taking you?
    grace and peace...

  • SouthernLadySouthernLady Posts: 12Member
    Hi Stmann,

    I like to write Christian fiction, it started while I was taking classes at Liberty. I do have stuff to share but I am very shy about doing so. 
    The Father placed me in positions at my church I would never have asked for. It isn't much the church clerk, and later the treasurer. The church is very small and getting smaller. I fear we will soon looser a couple of older members. I am next to the youngest, the youngest is 57. A few years ago, if someone told me what positions I would have at church I would have told them they must be well past desperate. Okay, they are. Here I am doing the things I feared doing the most. Second after standing before large crowds of 3 or more people giving a speech. 
  • cleo574cleo574 Posts: 15Member
    Must be logged on
    Well hello there SouthernLady.  Glad you are with us and looking forward to reading whatever you write.  I write a little bit of everything but mostly inspirational poetry.  I do whatever God tells me to so I can do my best to glorify Him.  I have published a couple of books and know the traps you can find yourself in when self publishing.  I am very opinionated and sometimes it puts people off.  I too went to get my education later as in I got my associates degree at the age of 70.  Anyway that's my story and I hope to be as good as some of the writers on here some day.  I live in the great state of Oklahoma and sometimes write in what I call Oklahomaeze.  Good luck!!
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