Generational Jesus

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Poem#61 Generational Jesus 

Got news for those believing Jesus belongs in the past
In the place He died, was buried, if only the body could be found
Here’s a Reminder of what happened when the Stone Rolled

A Light shone Brighter then the Sun shining into the Moon
For the Great Glory Eclipse of Jesus Rising to defeat Death
Its a shame nobody but Angels were awake to See Him

Generations get lost when they make Jesus dead and gone
Believe in Him or not, He’s the only one keeping us from Hell
Two walk up a Hill, then One will be gone, don’t be left behind

One day Heaven and Earth will burn as if  they never existed 
Before this happens the Great Tribulations as in Revelation
And Everyone still here will wish they Believed back then

Generations of our Families have been separated for Eternity
All because some believed in the Generational Jesus of past
And found out too late Jesus connects us to All Generations

The Blood shed on the Cross will never wash away, not ever
This Blood shed for every Generation from Adam to the Last
Carries the DNA left by the Creator now white as Snow

One day Jesus will come back down through the clouds 
For all Generations that Accepted His DNA for our own
Those only believing in Generational Jesus get left behind
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