Whiskey Vs Mustard Seed

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Whiskey Versus Mustard Seed

When One has a drink for pleasure , what does two drinks become?

How many does it take for addictions to set in and takes over control?

At what point do we stop ignoring warning signs to put on the breaks?

Whiskey seed versus the Mustard Seed of faith, a game, not a game

That’s about making the right choice of what has true value in Life

Risk of pleasure for the flesh or Trusting the One that satisfies our Soul

When One has a drink for pain, what does two drinks become?

How many does it take for numbing and forgetting until the Sun

Reminds us with a hangover that the Pain still lives

If only erasing Sins of the past was simple as whiskey seeds in water

Truth is never that simple, Fact is Truth got quite bloody over our Sins

The Only way to Erase Sins is through the bloody Forgiveness of Jesus

How many drinks does it take to get impared for losing control?

Just asking the worth of pleasing the Flesh over warnings of God?

When Jesus did the Miracle of wine, it wasn’t too please the flesh

Whiskey seed versus Mustard seed, one makes us weak and broken

Other makes us stronger from perseverance in Trusting the Lord to heal

One makes us lack nothing, the other makes us crave everything Sin

If anyone can help me find scripture to back up this poem id be grateful 

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