Knew My Name

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Knew My Name

Even before the first Generation was born in this family tree

My Name was known and passed on Generation after Generation

Just like your Promises, Everyone will be fufilled passed your lips

In the beginning God Created Heaven and Earth in six days

Including the Father and Mother of our Generation Adam, Eve

This is how Long God has known YOU

Even before the First Generation’s step was taken after birth

My first step was planned, and Knew where to be for the fall

Also knew the exact moment I’d look up to you as my Savior

Whether its been a billion or a million years before our Birth

Doesn’t matter in the thoughts, the ways of God our Father

He knew us as if we were Born Yesterday

Even before the First Generation’s words spoken to Father

He Heard our Heart’s first beat that came alive even then

He Spoke my Name to Answer that gave me my First Breath

It was Love at first sight that set the plans in motion for us

Our Parents were planned, it wasn’t fate, it was God our Father

And its His blood that runs through their vains calling my Name

Even before the First Generation He was crying out my name

Like I was born Yesterday, and is trying to save me, like I am

Dying tomorrow, Jesus weeps for you until you say His Name

Psalm 139


  • tonygtonyg Posts: 10Member
    "And its His blood that runs through  their vains calling my name" 
    How many books have you written again?
    Who edits your work? Mr. Magoo?
  • Walker855Walker855 Posts: 41Member
    8 books, and this is poem is the rough draft that will be edited going into my 9th book and will be edited by a good friend of mine like he has with my 8 books
  • Walker855Walker855 Posts: 41Member
    edited March 2019 Must be logged on
    I Don’t change a thing when feeling the Holy Spirit speaking to me and not about to start changing now. 

    i post right away after writing because of never knowing who might need the message in that moment. 

    Can’t please everyone, so my goal is to please God and not the critiques of man

    besides this is also my praise and worship to the Lord. the message given works both ways.
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