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If is such a little word

Its used so very much

So many things it’s used for

You have heard it many times as such.


If you knew then what you know now

Would you really change things

Even if you could

You may not want to know what the changes brings.


If you ask Jesus to save you

Do you really believe He would?

And would you understand

If it changed you for the good?


What would you do

If you had a million bucks

Would you spend it right away

Or just set back and say “aw shucks”.


Could you really change things

If you had a chance

Or would you leave them as they are

If they played one more dance.


Would you decide to live or die

If you had the choice to make

Or would you just leave things as they are

And leave it to chance to take.


If all the ifs in all the world

Were changed to what they were before

Would it affect your life

What would you do if it opened a new door.





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