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The government takes your money

Before you ever get it

If you think they’ll give it back

You can just forget it.


They can tell you what to do

With everything you own

If you don’t think they can

You just try to think on y our own.


They take your money and give it away

To somebody you don’t even know

Probably another country

With evil seeds to sow.


They have taken away your freedoms

So slowly most people don’t even know

That you can’t pray out loud where you won’t to

Without offending someone’s ego.


They have taken God out of almost everything

They have even taken Christ out of Christmas

What’s next to go if you want to know

They will tell you it’s none of your business.


They can’t get a budget passed

But they can give themselves a raise.

Everything else just sits there waiting

And the public they betray.


If I’m not politically correct

Then that’s okay with me

I haven’t seen a politician yet

With whom I could agree.



  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 61Administrator
    I couldn't have said it better myself, Jan! Amen to that. Here's an awesome prayer I found online that I think was from one of the National Prayer Breakfasts that I thought was pretty awesome:

  • SouthernLadySouthernLady Posts: 12Member
    We are slipping into dangerous times I fear at break neck speed. The craziest ideas coming from politicians and the media falls all over themselves in praise. I used to wonder how people could so easily be blinded by the Anti-Christ, I wonder no longer.  
  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 61Administrator
    Must be logged on
    Yes, but I think something amazing is beginning to happen! Can't you feel it?  :plus_one: :murica:  
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