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in Poetry Must be logged on

This old house is falling apart

Or maybe it’s just my heart

God knows all about it

One day it may quit


Only God knows what I’m going through

Know one else has a clue

Even if they knew

Neither would they know what to do


If I had some really strong glue

Maybe I wouldn’t stew

I would know just what to do

Maybe then I could make it new


In a broken place like this

There is a lot of things you miss

There is nothing called bliss

And you never get a kiss


The house is so broken

Everyone just makes fun

Nothing can be done

No not by any one


Sometimes that’s the way I feel

That’s when I sit and kneel

I know that feeling will go away

And I will be the same as before someday.




  • MarkarMarkar Posts: 2Member
    I'm sorry. That sounds like a hard place to be.

  • stmannstmann Posts: 58Member
    Must be logged on
    hey...Good, Cleo! 
    but yeah - hope it isnt all too true to life!
    All GLORY to God, our loving heavenly Father!
    He will never leave us....
    He will never hurt us...
    He will provide ALL our needs!
    grace and peace, friend!

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