DON’T CRY FOR ME Dedicated to the life and memory of Diane Taylor

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Considering living and dying

I know there will be some crying,

But just not for me

Just for yourself you see.


Living your life on earth

Begins with your birth,

Sometimes you are full of mirth

And sometimes you show your worth.


Living your life with Jesus by your side

Means life can be a long or short ride,

Mine was shorter that it should have been,

But in the end I did win.


When you take Jesus as your savior

It ensures He opens the door

For you to go to Heaven

And stay there ever more.


So just don’t cry for me

Cause Jesus paid my fee

Now I’m up in Heaven

I had to go when He beckoned.


I’ll see you someday once again

Just not sure exactly when.

I’m here doing really good

I would show you if I could.


So don’t cry for me.


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