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When I was just a kid

Oh, the colorful eggs we hid

We played all day

It was always a fun way


Then we would eat our lunch

Sometimes it was brunch

Then off to play some more

Until it became a bore


When the evening drew near

Story time was here

Everyone had a story to tell

And it was really swell


When the evening was almost done

I always wanted to hear a special one

I wanted to hear the greatest story ever told

About Jesus and the way he was sold


How He died on the cross

And it was a great loss

But then He came back again

And once more walked among men


How He said he would return once more

He would come to open the door

We would be swept up

There would be no mix up


Believers would go to be with Him

For those who did not it would be grim

What a day that will be

When Him we get to see.


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