Timeline of the Crucifixion Week (modified given that Passover is apparently considered a 'sabbath')

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Timeline for Crucifixion of Jesus Christ -

  • Tuesday evening – ‘the last super’ and betrayal by Judas’s kiss; the garden of Gethsemane and arrest
  • After a stunning ‘trial by mob’, Jesus was crucified, nailed to a rough timber cross Wednesday morning
  • His body was taken down and placed in a borrowed tomb before sundown Wednesday (Passover)
  • the tomb was secured by a heavy stone, and guarded by Roman soldiers
  • Jesus remained in the tomb all day Thursday (Passover High Sabbath), Friday and Saturday Sabbath…three full days and three full nights… (as prophesied)
Mary Magdalene et al furtively arrived at the tomb at dawn, Sunday, the first day of the week; the tomb was empty. She cast all caution aside and RAN back to tell the others still in fear hiding at their safe house!  Upon hearing the improbable news, Peter and John cast all caution aside and RAN to the tomb. Thomas SAW His hand!

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