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bad cop

You were goaded

You were chided



Denied it

The direction of the pull resisted


Minute details you recollect

Disrupting the logic of human intellect

The ring of truth

Pervades your innermost parts

But you say you know His voice

Follow and obey

The conflict

Is nothing new

It was only ever on delay

You peruse me

Examine me

Ears testing words,

"As the palate tastes it’s food"

And you are challenged to discern

Bad from good

Light from dark

But you fought every bit of the way

Letting go of nothing old

cleaving to the nothings learned as if some precious prize

that should have long ago, been counted as loss

not even grasping for freshly revealed kernels, gems, pearls ...

Scrutinizing, over analyzing, smoke and mirrors

oh so busy...senses working overtime

But there were none

No false-hoods

not a one


you once called me

was it I who put it in your very own words 

and into your very own mouth? 

Only in your own mind belies the "twist"

you struggle to see and identify

Searching for the tiniest weakness

to rationalize, justify,

any excuse to shrink back and say:

False, phony, pretender, wolf you cried

That was the moment fear over-ruled

A potential step over a new threshold

Where a greater faith resided

and a well hidden fear of the unknown

Shrank back behind the comfort of a false bravado

and denied it


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