...And Yeshua Wept... by J. Ben Avraham

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                                                                            ….AND YESHUA WEPT.........


                                              To see the daughter of Zion gone astray, so far from Torah's way,

                                     to see the tears of captive Zion, when she could have called out to Judah's lion.

                                    Does she not know that he came to set captives free, and open blind eyes to see? 


                                                                                 ….and Yeshua wept. 


                                        Oh Yerushalayim, who murdered the prophets who spoke of me, you had the

                                                                    Torah which pointed me out to thee. 


                                                                                 ….and Yeshua wept.


                                      I AM who I AM, the Son of David of Bethlehem came, to open blind eyes and to

                                    heal the lame.  To do these things only Messiah can.  Wake up! Wake up! Oh Zion

                                                                              for I AM the Son of Man. 


                                                                                …...and Yeshua weeps


                                        for the stone-cold hearts and strange beliefs, for Messiah came once as foretold,

                                    by the holy prophets of old, as Adonai's sacrificial lamb, and will come again, as the

                                                                           Lion of Judah, to rule the land.


                                      Oh Israel, Oh Israel can't you see? Can't you see? I opened my arms with love, on

                                                               Calvary's tree, to receive all of you unto me.


                                                                               …...and Yeshua still weeps


                                        for those who still have hearts of stone, for those who reject him, for all eternity

          will live alone, unto outer darkness they will be cast, condemnation for Jew and Gentile alike, and forever it

                                                                                          will last.


                                    So, come all ye people come, to Judah's Messiah, time is short, so ye had better run.

                                    Run to the cross on Calvary's hill, to He who gave his life, whose blood he did spill.

                                             He bled for you and for me, to save our souls, from sin to make us free. 







 PIC:   Lighting the Sabbath candles  (Messianic Congregation in Miami, FL) 


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