Prayer of the Maestro

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The Prayer of the Maestro

Nine o’clock on a Sabbath day, the usual crowd shuffled in…;

Then an old man who I didn’t know…he sat near me, and lowered his chin

He looked like a vagrant and wino…not the kind we ever let in;

Now we had the biggest and best church in town, but we had no room for him!

He probably wanted a handout…maybe he’d try to steal someone’s purse…

He was really getting me angry…I even heard myself curse!

Now I was long-time head elder…and I was proud mayor of our town;

No way would I let our worship…be ruined by some homeless clown!

So I started to signal an usher…to escort the gent away…

Then I heard his voice speak softly…he was beginning to pray!

He said ‘Abba…Daddy - I love You, thank You for leading me here!

If there’s some way I can serve You today…just whisper it into my ear…’

[Do not judge according to appearance….John 7:24]

[Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than one who

is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.   Proverbs 19:1]

Then pastor cried out in a panic – ‘There’s a wreck and Fred can’t be here….

We need someone to play Fred’s organ….we need a volunteer!’

The stunned silence gave way to grumbling…but no one dared even move…

Then the old man, he stood up…probably getting ready to leave…

But he turned and walked up to the pulpit…he said ‘I’d be honored to play.’

‘Fred took home his  music…’ moaned the pastor; ‘I don’t know what else to say…’

The old stranger nodded, understanding…then he touched his heart…and his ear…;

And he said - ‘It’s no problem my brother…Yeshua’s put the music right here…’

Oh what a wonderful worship…and what a lesson I learned on that day!

Now, whenever I see a new person, I lower my chin…and I say -

‘Abba, Daddy, I love You…thank You for leading me here!

If there’s some way I can serve You today…just whisper it into my ear!’

‘Abba, Daddy, I love you…thank you for bringing this stranger here!

If there’s some way I can serve my new brother…just whisper it into my ear!’


[Be kind to one another with brotherly love,

in honor giving preference to one another…  Romans 12:10]

[…whoever desires to become great among you, let him be

your servant. Matthew 20:26]



For those of you who might like a little melody with your lyrics, might

I suggest borrowing the tune from Billy Joel’s  popular ‘Piano Man’ …



© 2014 - S.T.Mann,  This story is offered under Creative Commons license; it is permissible to use the story as long as an attribution bio is included.



  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 61Administrator
     :clap:  Beautiful piece. 
  • Brucetong7Brucetong7 Posts: 1Member
    what a wonderful and thought provoking piece.  Well done
  • stmannstmann Posts: 58Member
    Must be logged on
    thanks, brother Bruce!  ALL glory to God!  (and neil diamond!);  folks think it is such a horrible thing to not hear too well....i have years of practice at inventing words, so....;  shrug
    and what a neat thing is affirmation!  the day the words came to me for this, i emailed it to yvonne, a friend, colleague / encourager / former english teacher  / and 'seniors' sunday school teacher in oklahoma. she got RIGHT back to me, astonished; she shared it with her sunday school class a few hours after she received it - the prescribe lesson for the week was 'entertaining strangers'!!k
    thanks again!  grace and peace...

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