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Out on the back porch
Just talkin to God
That’s what I do
In the middle
Of the night
When everythings quiet
I’m on the back porch
Just talkin to God

Now God, I know
I’m not always good
But I want YOU to know
I know I’ve been understood
Your SON Jesus
Oh what a man
As we walk together He holds my hand
I’m on the back porch
Just talkin to God

He’s patient
And loyal to you
He understands me
If He didn’t
Don’t know what I’d do
I’d be in a pickle
That’s for sure
I’m on the back porch
Just talkin to God

Lord, I just want you to know
How grateful I am
To be here for the show!
It looks like somebody
Went out of there way
To sprinkle sparkle dust
All over the sky.

Just talkin to God it’s why
I can face tomorrow
How lucky am I
I don’t have to be rich
Just talkin to God
It’s my pleasure to see
How much He tolerates me
Father I don’t want to take up too
Much of your time
But you know how much
This means to me
Sittin on the back porch
Just talkin to you.

I may not pray just
Like everybody else
But Lord you know I am sincere
I want to ask that you
Keep this country
In the palm of your hand
And God help the politicians
To understand we don’t want
A lot you see, just leave us be

Okay, I’ve whined enough for now
Be talkin to you
out on the back porch soon


  • LoraConnorLoraConnor Southern CaliforniaPosts: 61Administrator
    Must be logged on
    I'm so glad you found us, Miss Cleo. Love the touch of politics at the end of this one. We all need to pray for our country with all the chaos going on. Blessings! 
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