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s.t.mann is a God-fearing sojourner, encourager, and inspirational genre writer (mostly true life short stories, based on his own adventures) from a farm in the Canadian Rockies; since the turn of the century he has compiled and sent out a monthly devotional, 'A Call Beckoning the Hundredth Sheep', originally mailed to a handful of incarcerated folks, and now, by the grace of God, emailed to readers on six continents! (The Hundredth Sheep is the name of the prison ministry God chose to put on his plate).

Favorite things include snorkeling, gardening, building, perusing the news in light of prophecy, and contemplating the beauty of nature; is not the WHOLE world is FULL of His glory!  whew!

s.t.mann is on fb, and may be emailed at

grace and peace, friends...


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    I've been following prophecy and news too! After all, God doesn't do anything without first telling His prophets. =)
    Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.
    Amos 3:7
    Have you heard of Q? If so, what do you think of the Q movement?
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    amos 3:7 - amen!
    Q, yes i have heard of it...i try to scan or read headlines daily, and HARD to escape him;  but not married in to him/her, but i pay attention, at least in reading headlines;  my best guess is Q is an authentic insider, but - the dark side is 'posting' on Q's behalf (using the name Q) contra 'knowlege' to confuse and discredit, much like the dark enemy of all humans!  the deciever, the father of lies, etc....

    and...likely, if Q is legit, then possibly a team of very intelligent folks! and, kinda dont want to say it, but jfk jr. could be alive and if so likely is a huge player on the Q team!'  lots of youtoobs on jfk, jr, current ones!

    and....if i had just breitbarted someone as 'noble' as jfk jr, i would want to show the deceased corpse, as they did (supposedly) with bin laden (who's compound was supposedly attacked back when) but unfortunately the cameras did not work (supposedly) and the elite seal team 6 was all unfortunately erradicated (when their helicopter suppsedly crashed for no particular reason, beyond enemy lines, so not photos). and the july 15 'plane wreck'...on final approach to the airport...usually one could glide with no engine onto runway when that close..runway in sight;  and jfk careless?  nah, NOT likely...

    so, yeah, i glance and Q headlines, at least in significant curiosity!

    but not likely gonna argue with anyone about the ongoing, and often esoteric messages.  however in my opinion Q messages are a lot more interesting to contemplate than fixed nfl games, ya know?  and if i had millions to wager, as folks did even 48 hours ago (SEVEN figure bets placed friday or before!), i would want to be pretty sure of the return on my investment!  and folks with that kind of $ are typically psyhcopaths....folks who like to whatever means that might work

    sorry if this does not strictly follow the God fearing theme of CCW!  but generally it fits under end times prophecy, and the trends of the day...worse and worser!!

    grace and peace...

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    edited February 2019
    Hey, in my humble opinion, Christians need to get more involved in politics and everything else going on in our country! If we don't then the other side will, and that isn't good for anyone. So, as far as Q and politics goes, they are God fearing themes in my book.  ;)

    I've heard of the thoughts surrounding JFK Jr., and I'm not completely sold on the idea. However, wouldn't it be awesome if it were true?!!! I don't think the State of the Union depends upon it though, so I can take it or leave it.

    I put a politics category on the forum and I hope our members feel welcome to use it and express their thoughts.

    And, I hope they can FORGET ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS for goodness sake! Let's get the dialog going. 

    We've allowed the enemy to put a gag on us for long enough! B)
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    exactly!  we've been muzzled, hushed, complacent, inattentive and ignorant waaaay too long!  not necessarily endorsing politics, per se, (after trey gowdy's ' that was a waste of SEVEN years of my life' comment upon his announcing his decision to not seek reelection...
    and yet THESE are the second most exciting years ever in the history of prophecy falls into place..
    jfk jr...intuitively is wishful thinking;  BUT - how do we explain the abnormalities?  'inexperienced pilot' - ha!  lost at sea on final approach - Ha!!  and no photos of bodies and immediate at sea cremation - HA!!!  (particularly after the seemingly endless public debacle of mccain a few months back!);  smells fishy to me..
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    So glad to hear you're open to Christians getting involved in politics. I think it's so important for Christians to get involved, occupy office if possible, speak up, quit hiding...Wouldn't it be awesome if we had former pastors, etc. occupying positions in government?

    Even if we disagree on some things, so what? It's not the end of the world. We're not going to agree on everything, but at least we agree on the most important thing of all: Jesus! There's nothing wrong with politics. As a matter of fact, a good healthy debate is what we need. 

    I agree, some highly questionable things surround the death of JFK Jr. Personally, I think his death was either a hit job by the deep state, or his death was faked because he was afraid for his life. He was determined to find out who was responsible for his father's death. Maybe he was getting too close to the answer.

    As for Trey Gowdy, I believe he's being reserved for something more important. He was working in the House (which HAD a Republican majority with a few rhinos), but now the Democrats have control of that. It's possible that Gowdy and Goodlatte took care of what was needed in the House: Focus will now shift over to the senate (with a Republican majority).The Senate is going to play an important role very soon. Just take a look at what they're responsible for: I believe we're going to see Gowdy again. He's still working as an attorney with a private firm. I suspect that his new role may come into play. 

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    Must be logged on
    Stmann nice too meet you
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