Poem#90 of for new book, How Jesus Loves

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Poem#90 how Jesus Loves

How many of us sang in Church how Jesus loves

His little Children because the Bible tells us so

Where has our Belief wondered off so far?

Has this become the Sunday school song of the past?

Where has it been all these years, Truth doesn’t stop

Because we’re all grown up and its a kids song

We’re all Children of God age has always been a number

That means nothing to Him, its how we’re living for Him

Under Our Father’s Love through His Truth

Oh how Jesus loves the Little Children, Big Children

Because the Bible tells us so, the proof is His Sacrifice

His Love for us is more then a Sunday school song

So why have we been living like the grown up Church

When Jesus said the Kingdom belongs to the Children

Why have we stopped being excited to be Loved by Him?

Jesus Loves the Little Children, let them come to Him

Let them be Born onto Him to be Raised by His Love

Because the Bible tells us so, by His Truth to Believe 

Wonder what would happen if Churches started singing

Jesus Loves the Little Children for the Bible tells us so

Like the Children that Believe this Truth saved Them

Matthew 18:3-4, Matthew 19:13-14

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