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Captain Of My Soul

Take me out into Your ocean of love and Teach me

Once again how to gain the child like faith of belief

That I’ve clearly forgotten since being saved by you

Don’t know how I’ve lost my way growing in years

Thought would’ve been wiser with hair gone gray

Funny, We want to grow up fast until facing down

Captain of my Soul where did that child in me go

Take me out into your ocean of love, until we find

The X that marks where the child in me got left

Don’t know what happen to that excited Born Again

Somewhere along the way Storm got the best of me

So hid the child like faith in the crevice of my heart

Captain of my Soul take your Ship deep into my heart

Only you know the River that leads into the secret entry

Find that child in me, where I left it all these years

Now the Child’s Faith in me has been found again

Can clearly see that Storm was the Captain’s Ship

Would have known if only Listened to His Truth



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    edited February 2019
    Beautiful piece! It's so easy to let life get in the way. It seems like a common stumbling block for people when they're young and looking forward to a long future (so you think) with so many possibilities! Then you realize life came rushing at you and passed you by. ;)
  • Walker855Walker855 Posts: 41Member
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