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Last winter I was driving home one night and it was really icy.  Most of the roads were closed, but I knew a short cut.  Got to the shortcut which was no longer there.  Instead there was a really tall bridge which was iced over.  I started up and it was blocked by a pickup at the top.  The gentleman got out and skated over to my car and told me I couldn't go on because at the bottom there was a large wreck but he would help me back down the hill.  Impossible as lots of cars were now behind me.  He then said he would help me turn around and I could go back down.  He did his best skating on the ice to push my car as I sat inside and turned the wheel as best I could.  I had not been able to get out as I was wearing a cast on my foot.  Between the two of us we only got it crossways in the road.  I said to God "okay you know the situation here so could you send some help so am I going to have to sit here until it melts tomorrow?"  A big truck pulled up on the other side and the driver got out and helped the driver of the pickup and they finally got me turned but the big truck was now blocking my path.  Upside is the big truck was a sand truck and he came on up the hill and sanded under my car and on the other side of the road and I was able to get off the hill and drove on home safely.  God does answer prayers.  He is always listening.


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    God is always good! Hi, Jan. So glad you found us!
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    Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men. [Psalm 66:5]

    hey - anyone who says to God 'okay you know the situation here so could you send some help...' - it probably doenst matter HOW many legs are in a cast!
    i mean - HE is THE Lord GOD of ALL flesh!  is ANYthing too difficult for Him??

    Oh, give thanks to the LORD! Call upon His name;

    make known His deeds among the people!

     …Sing to Him, sing psalms unto Him:

    talk of all His wondrous works!         

    [Psalms 105:1]

    thinking...hey cleo...wondering if i can use your tale in my next monthly devotional?  so no if you arent comfortable with the idea...

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    I would be delighted if you wanted to use my story in your devotional.  It never hurts to let people know that our God does answer prayer not matter where you are stuck at.  Thank you for using it.
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