Any Fiction Writers Out There?

SouthernLadySouthernLady Posts: 12Member

Any other fiction writers on this forum? I would like to discuss with others how you develop your characters. I start by giving them a name (subject to change), date of birth and a genealogy going back to at least the character’s great-grandparents. Other background facts include schooling, hobbies, friendships and tragedies during their life I may or may not use as backstory.


  • SouthernLadySouthernLady Posts: 12Member
    This is exciting no one talking. Either everyone keeps their tricks to themselves or I am the only fiction writer. 
  • nancyleelanenancyleelane Southern OregonPosts: 7Member
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    Hi, SouthernLady. I write fiction, too. I name the characters early on and try to find names consistent with trends of their birth year. I develop backstory as needed, more for historical characters to ensure they behave as they should for the time and less for contemporary characters. Most of my writing buddies write a first draft quickly and then go through rounds of edits. My process is different. I write two pages, editing as I go, and then outline scenes so I know exactly where I'm headed. Each time I sit down to continue the story, I reread the last two pages written so I'm sure to get into the same voice as before. I edit as I go so the first draft is clean. I then go back to limit adverbs, cut extraneous words, tighten up as much as possible. Then I proofread at least three times. Writing is hard work but so worth it for the times I can slip into the zone and surprise myself. Please post more about your writing process.
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