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I live in South Africa.  My husband and I do Christian missionary work - sounds very impressive, but all it is is telling people around us about the love of Jesus for them.  We traveled a bit, but then focused on the Indian Ocean Islands.  For these forgotten people I wrote the Bible studies on my blog.  These were translated in their languages, for them to download, read and use as sermons in the small growing churches.

Have just now, end of December, 2019, completed a book:  Jesus Christ in Genesis, over 400 pages, in Afrikaans.  What a journey! 
I do not think I have mastered the art of good and interesting writing.  Love to learn how.

Blessings to all wonderful writers
Student of the Bible


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    hmmm....well dont try to hard is my opinion....let it flow, but let if flow from the heart! 
    take your time, usually meaning to chop out the excess words, and know your audience!
    keep up your great work!!

    grace and peace!
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    Thank you for commenting.  Will follow your advice. 

    Re editing:  Have you ever experienced the editor editing the freshness of your style away.  How does one handle that?

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