I have an idea for a Catcher in the Rye update - in space

what ideas do you have for a reimagining of the Catcher in the Rye in space? I want this kid to build a ship that keeps him company and they bond over women, so I got that far. Should I give him a sister, Phoebe, or make that his cat? Like in Aliens?

 Another book I'm in mind of here is Every Exquisite Thing, which is a more updated Catcher. Only in this one, you don't have the Internet exactly. I want this to be a recent past but advanced technology alternate timeline sci-fi.

I thought about a little jet-black haired beauty, she has really artfully done eyebrows and make-up, black fingernail polish. Polish. Makes pirogies with brown butter from scratch, family recipe. Knows a word or two in Portugeuese. What are your thoughts?


  • stmannstmann Posts: 57Member
    Must be logged on
    sounds like a plan!  not lets see at least your semi final draft!!  smile...

    grace and peace, Write...
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